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Surface modeling

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Surface modeling Designer and engineering professionals ensure the integration between project development and product engineering.

We collaborate with the customer to adapt each three-dimensional mathematical model to the production technologies. We create prototypes and finished products with the most modern technologies, supporting the customer from the design stage with a Design for production service.

Thanks to new technologies it is possible to create highly complex and at the same time light structures, mechanically stable and with a high degree of product customization.

The file can be generated starting from an indication of the customer, from a 2D drawing or from a Reverse Engineering. 3D modeling is used to have a perspective view of the project and at the same time to create the file for the production processes. We respond to the growing need for customization by offering its customers the concept of co-design with the aim of being able to create a product starting from a simple idea without constraints or limits deriving from traditional production processes.

Combining rapid prototyping with high-level design and engineering, it supports its customers in every phase of the project. From a simple idea we model and build the prototype with the most suitable and innovative technologies and finishes, transforming even the most extreme and particular ideas into reality.

The know-how acquired for over 10 years allows us to support our customers in this innovative path. We can lighten many structural components without penalizing the solidity of the model or affecting its design.