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3D Scan - Reverse Engineering

RealX | Immagina Crea - 3D Scan AND REVERSE ENGINEERING

RealX has a high-level three-dimensional scanning system

Thanks to this scanning system, we offer a high precision dimensional survey service, which can be used for:

  • Verification of symmetry and surface trends.
  • Verification of deviations between CAD and real object, between objects of the same series or different batches, between mold and real object.
  • Relief for the reconstruction of damaged objects (eg damaged mold).
  • Survey for the reconstruction of objects with non-existent mathematics (eg object of which you want to start a new production or archiving).
  • Relief for the assembly of pieces or for the design of packaging.
  • Creation of files for making masters.
Moreover, thanks to the 3D scanner, RealX is also able to provide a Reverse Engineering service, which allows to provide the customer with the 3D file in different formats, starting from a physical piece. The object is reconstructed as a polygon mesh that can be used for the creation of prototypes. This technology integrates perfectly with CAD / CAM and Rapid Prototyping technologies, constituting a fundamental element for closing the product definition cycle.